Begging to get back her kids

Kehrata Simpson, the St. Elizabeth mother who was relieved of her children almost two years ago, has increased her drive to prove to doubters that she is capable of caring for her three children, two of whom are twin boys.

“I got the house and move in but I need to be able to care for the children properly. I need the case to be reopened so that the children can be in my care again. I miss them. I am working towards improving my status,” Simpson, 30, told The STAR.

Simpson, whose kids are now six and two years respectively, is now seeking financial assistance from anyone willing to help.

“I am trying to get back on my feet. I was planning street vending but am trying to get a steady job. I want to be able to show CDA that am capable of providing and caring for the children, financially. As soon as I get a job, whatever donation I get now, I will add to that donation that let CDA know I am working and how much I’m getting paid,” she said.

Simpson, a former ward of the state, had the children taken from her by the Child Development Agency (CDA) after she was deemed unfit to provide and care for them. She was known to walk around her community with her children’s feeding tin, begging money.

“Dem say I was mentally unstable because I shouted at them, no test was done or anything so I don’t know how they arrived at that. I am just working to prove otherwise,” said Simpson.

Persons willing to assist Simpson can contribute via her JMMB, Junction, account: 2955280.

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