Brie Bella Says Daniel Bryan Is ''So Ready'' to Become a Dad After Revealing Depression Battle: ''Nothing Can Take Us Down''

Daniel Bryan opened up about becoming a dad on Total Divas!

On Wednesday’s episode, Bryan discussed his depression battle and revealed if he is really ready to have a child with Brie Bella.

While Bryan admitted that he has “concerns” about having a child because his depression has been a “lifelong” battle, he told Brie he’s “excited” to have a baby with her.

“Everything Bryan and I have been through, not only the last couple months but the last couple of years, has made us so strong,” Brie said on the episode. “And depression is one of those things that might not ever go away, but it’s something my husband and I have always known how to deal with and no matter what, Bryan is so ready to be a dad.”

She continued, “I just feel like nothing can take us down.”

Take a look at the recap to see what else Brie and Bryan had to say about having a child and check out more must-see moments from the episode!

1. Maryse Returns to WWE:

After making an appearance at WrestleMania, Maryse surprises everyone  when she gets in the ring with her husband The Miz during Monday Night Raw.

“I’m back!” Maryse says after surprising everyone. “Maryse is back and she is going to take over the women’s division.”

2. The Pressure Is on for Nattie to “Deliver”:

Two months later, the superstars are in L.A. for Monday Night Raw and pressure is placed on Nattie Neidhart to “deliver” a powerful performance in the ring.

Before her match, Nattie has “stress” placed on her to deliver and get a reaction out of the crowd. After hearing that she has to deliver, Nattie admits that she’s “nervous.”

But when she gets in the ring, she totally dominates and the crowd goes crazy for her.

“Everybody gets behind me, it’s exactly what I want, it’s exactly what I need,” Nattie says. “And the people are so loud that you can’t even hear yourself think.”

3. Trinity Visits Pulse Nightclub Memorial:

On the episode, Trinity Fatu returns to her hometown of Orlando after hearing about the devastating mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

In this clip, Trinity and her uncle Buck visit the memorial for the victims of the shooting and Trinity can’t help but break down in tears.

4. Lana Damages Nattie’s Car:

While over at Nattie’s house, Lana gets a shot put lesson from her dad, Jim Neidhart. But when Lana makes a major mistake, it leads to a total disaster with Nattie’s car!

Take a look at the clip above to see what happens!

5. Nikki Tells Brie She Has to “Settle Down” With the Baby Making:

Nikki and Brie are in NYC for work, but the two have been growing “frustrated” with each other. Brie has been trying to get home to her husband because she’s ovulating, but work is keeping them in the city and it’s causing tension between the sisters.

The two get a chance to sit down together and Nikki tells Brie that she’s been “weird” lately.

“How am I suppose to talk to someone that won’t even talk to me about their relationship?” Nikki asks.

“Well it’s hard because when I talk to you about Bryan and when I talk to you about our relationship or anything you get very judgemental,” Brie tells Nikki.

But Nikki explains that she’s just being “protective” over Brie and that she just wants her to be “happy.”

“I want to make sure you’re happy because in Tampa I remember when Bryan said he wasn’t ready to have kids and he doesn’t know that if he could ever be a dad,” Nikki says. “Do you remember when he said that? And now it’s just like back to normal, like yeah we’re gonna start having kids and do this and do that. And I’m just like that’s seems really quick for things to just go back to normal.”

Nikki explains that Brie needs to talk to Bryan and “settle down” with the baby making to make sure that Bryan is OK before they start having kids.

After hearing this, Brie says Nikki is right and she knows that she needs to talk to Bryan.


6. Trinity Hosts a Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Pulse Shooting:

To honor those who lost their lives in the Pulse nightclub shooting, Trinity hosts a candlelight vigil in Orlando. During the vigil, Trinity addressed the crowd.

Harvey Milk, one of the most powerful voices in the LGBT community once said, ‘If you are not personally free to be yourself in the most important moment of all human activities, the expression of love, then life itself loses its meaning,'” Trinity began. “For me, Pulse was a place that emulated his message. From the moment you walked in the door you were truly equal. Pulse represented what we all wanted, happiness, love and equality. We will never forget Pulse, we will never forget what Pulse stood for, we will never forget the friends and family we lost that night.”

Trinity also told that crowd that she had a memorial plaque made to honor and remember those who lost their lives on June 12, 2016.

7. Brie & Bryan Discuss Having a Child:

When Brie arrives back in Phoenix, she knows it’s time to have a talk with Bryan, but she admits she’s “nervous.”

When Bryan asks how Brie is feeling she admits, “Well after everything that happened in Tampa and when you said you just didn’t feel you were ready to be a dad and that you needed to just take care of yourself first before we even thought about having kids. Us starting to try and have kids I didn’t think twice about anything but Nicole thinks I should bring up if you are really ready because we haven’t had that conversation since everything happened in Tampa.”

Brie then explains that she wants to make sure she’s not “pushing” him to become a dad before he’s ready.

While Bryan admits he does have concerns because of this depression battle, he tells Brie he’s “ready” to try.

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