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#BOJTVScoopieLoopie – Here are the top 5 stories trending across the world this morning – 2/2/2017 1. Trump and Turnbull Hey, we’ve all been there. You spend all day in meetings and on stressful phone calls. And during that last phone call of the day, you just kind of lose it. That’s how one of our […]

#BOJTVScoopieLoopie – Top 5 Stories trending across the globe this morning – 3/2/2017 1. Israeli settlements Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s got to be a little confused. All through the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump seemed to be OK with Israel’s move to expand its settlements in the West Bank. In just the first couple weeks […]

Update – Alkaline reports to police for questioning in murder case Dancehall star Alkaline has turned himself in to Police for questioning in relation to a murder case. The deejay, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, arrived at the Area 4 police headquarters in Kingston at 9:25 am on Thursday. He was dressed in a […]

Not nice, not easy – Alkaline to be sued?? USA -based photographer Jason Bassett said he is “forced” to seek legal representation after deejay Alkaline’s team used one of his photograph without permission. Speaking with the Jamaica Observer yesterday, Bassett said the photograph that was taken in 2010 with Jamaican model Nerissa Nefeteri is currently […]