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What are Epsom salts good for?

Marjorie asks Check Up what is in Epsom salts and what are the benefits of using it, aside from soaking painful feet and swollen ankles.   Well, as Marjorie states, Epsom salts is a popular remedy for several ailments and has long been used to ease muscle soreness. Epsom salts contains magnesium sulphate. Most of […]

Where did this smell come from?

Sherene says that she is becoming very concerned as she doesn’t have a vaginal discharge, but just recently has this high, bad-smelling vaginal odour all the time. She asks Check Up what could cause this problem.   Some vaginal odours are normal, although these are not usually described as foul or fishy. Some women always […]

Utriss Harvey takes her farming seriously

What started as a small farm, has become a lucrative business for Utriss Harvey, after she realised how much money she could make. “I used to do backyard farming and then I found out that I could take it as a business because sometimes when I did the little patches of things, I realised that […]

Please send my daughter home for her birthday

Not a lover of parties and hype celebrations, Tiffany Murray would normally pack up her nieces and head to the river or beach on her birthday for a day of relaxation or fun. But this Friday will be quite the opposite. Murray, who turns 28 this Friday, disappeared without a trace on March 20 after […]

Shoemaker’s shop burnt to the ground

A Seaview Gardens-based shoemaker is left distressed after his business place was allegedly set ablaze early yesterday morning. When THE STAR visited the community yesterday, Almando Bailey stood staring at the spot where his shop once stood. He estimated the damages to be approximately $400,000, stating that many new shoes were destroyed in the blaze. […]

Supreme Ventures to offer $200,000 in Scholarships

Four students will get a chance to receive $50,000 each in scholarships from Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), when the company hosts its annual Junior Creators Robotics Camp for primary school children in Kingston and St Andrew, and St Catherine. The camp, which is expected to begin on August 19, will focus on bringing the fun […]

Wanted men captured by JDF

August 16, 2019 Two wanted men were captured by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) during an operation on Russell Road, Myrrhvilla, Kingston on Thursday. Thrirteen other men were detained in the operation. The lawman recovered a two-way walkie talkie,  and two empty magazines.  The items as well as the men were taken to […]

Queen Cop targets Miss Universe Jamaica crown

‘Queen Cop’ is what Constable Sasha Henry is referred to when she in the streets and even at her workplace, the Constant Spring Police Station in St Andrew. Henry, the first member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to be in the finals of the Miss Universe Jamaica, said she feels she is being treated […]