Community Focus : Fentons’ Falls – A watery delight

Although Williamsfield, located in central Westmoreland, is a community covered in lush green trees, the district’s real beauty lies in the picturesque Fentons’ Falls, which features three rivers meeting and creating a delight for residents and visitors.

Located on private property, which is currently owned by Patricia Fenton-Pierce, the waterfall gets its rushing waters from the Venture River, the Cabarita River, and the Caka Gutta River.

“This is a river community, and the Venture River originally starts from a cotton tree and it runs through this property,” said Fenton-Pierce. “This property was originally owned by my grandparents. However, it was later divided, and this 10-acre section was handed down to my father. He has died, and it now belongs to us – his children and grandchildren.”




Visitors touring the site must first pass through a pasture, which is lined with plum and jackfruit trees. They are allowed to eat generously from the trees before passing through a turnstile, which takes them down a dirt hill to the waterfall.

The water tumbles with moderate force down a rocky hillside and continues downstream for several hundred yards, filling multiple, small pools along the way and watering the vegetation on both sides. While admitting that the site has significant tourism potential, Fenton-Pierce said that she would not rush to make it happen.

“We have people coming from all over Jamaica to the falls, and we now have some foreigners coming in once in a while,” said Fenton-Pierce. “There is a lot of future in it, but we are taking it step by step, by choice, as I am trying to keep the place rustic and natural.”

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