Denham Town – residents not comforted by ZOSO extension

Some Denham Town residents yesterday said they are not comforted by the extension of the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO).

Parliament yesterday approved the extension of the ZOSO in Mount Salem, St James; and in Kingston by a further 60 days.

“It naah guh mek a difference. All when dem deh yah shot still a fire. A just the other day a little girl get dead,” a female resident said.

“It get really bad now because woman and children a get involved,” she added.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the extended periods are necessary to enable transformation of the communities through intensified delivery of social services as well as giving the State the ability to continue to take back full control of the areas.

But another Denham Town resident insists that this has not been realised.

“We deh here and we still fraid, suh it nah guh mek a difference. ZOSO naah do nuttin because shooting a gwaan and killing a gwaan,” the woman said.

This will be the fourth extension for the Mount Salem zone, while it will be the third for Denham Town.

“We need to assure the residents that during this period and moving forward, the joint forces will continue to provide an effective presence to prevent the return of criminals and their influence,” Holness said.


Secure environment


“The Mount Salem zone continues to be secured by members of the joint force. The operational objective is to continue to provide a secure environment for the roll-out of the social-intervention activities. There have been no reports of major crimes in Mount Salem, no report of abuse by the security forces, and the residents continue to cooperate with the security forces,” he pointed out.

Prime Minister Holness noted that before the establishment of the ZOSOs, Mount Salem and Denham Town were experiencing rampant criminality.

He said there was a breakdown in the rule of law and lack of control by the State, but, most importantly, the residents were perpetually fearful for their lives.

“Today, I can unequivocally report that this has changed. Crime has been significantly reduced and the residents have been enjoying some level of peace in their community,” Holness said.

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