Desiigner Throws Punch at Heckler During Concert in Denmark


Throws Punch at Heckler …

Do NOT Call Me Future!!!

10/3/2018 8:51 AM PDT


Desiigner got into a heated exchange with a fan who was egging him on during his concert, and even took a healthy swing … after being called a knock-off version of Future!

We’ve obtained video of the incident … and it’s pretty wild. You see Desiigner beefing with the trash talker before trying to grab the man’s shirt, and then throwing a left hook!

We’re told the heckler kept yelling at Desiigner during the set, calling him a Future rip-off. When the NYC rapper reaches his boiling point, he gets in the man’s face and pulls a punch — but it’s a swing and miss.

It all went down during Desiigner’s concert Monday in Denmark, and it appears the incident might’ve had a carryover effect  … ’cause the rapper says he got kicked off a plane later that evening.

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