Drowned Jarrett Lane teens had big dreams – Lives lost on Mother’s Day

Sixteen-year-old Brianna Linton and her 15-year-old Shanique ‘Princess’ Thompson, from Jarret Lane in eastern St Andrew, were inseparable friends.

It was a bond that would be unbreakable, even in death. The two girls drowned on Mother’s Day, May 12, in the sea at Bayshore Park, in St Andrew.

And while their relatives struggle to come to terms with their deaths, they are expressing regret that the two girls did not heed their warnings about going to the beach that day.

Relda Ramsay, Linton’s grandmother, was waiting on her grandaughter to return with her Mother’s Day gift when she got the terrible news.

“Anytime Mother’s Day come she bring something come give mi, if it’s even flowers offa people fence, she carry come gi mi. But that day she neva give mi nothing, enuh – the first time she neva give mi nothing. She seh ‘grandma, as soon as mi empty rubbish and come back, mi a go buy yuh something’. But she neva come back,” the grandmother said.


“I was sitting at the same spot when they were leaving, and when the policeman come and tell mi, I was sitting same place. Mi seh a lie yuh tell because dem just left ya suh,” she added.

Ramsay said she had no idea her granddaughter, a student at the Clan Carthy High School, had gone to the beach. She said that she was close with her granddaughter, who she remembers as warm and intelligent, and who wanted to become a teacher.

“Sometime mi neven wah memba bout it, because right now a lay down mi haffi a lay down, because mi just weak,” she said

THE WEEKEND STAR visited Shanique ‘Princess’ Thompson’s house, which was less than three minutes away. Her father, Damion Thompson, broke into tears as soon as her name was mentioned. And his sadness was compounded by the fact that Princess disobeyed his warning about going to the beach.

“Mi warn her before she leave. I tell Princess to help her grandmother wash the plate, to spend the day with her grandmother and aunt, as they are her mother. And she seh ‘yes, Daddy’,” he said

Princess attended the Dunoon Technical High school, and her father said she wanted to become a nurse.

He said he realised that she had left, when in the afternoon, he received the news that his oldest child had drowned. Thompson said his life has been in disarray since.

“She brilliant, she polite, and she have leadership quality, and all of those things. She is my right hand, she write up all my books dem, help mi do my work. Mi have a bar, and she help mi wid stocktaking. Mi cya eat,” he said.


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