Focus on bikers – Westmoreland cops move to cut road crashes

The Westmoreland police say they will be increasing their road-safety enforcement operations to crack down on motorcyclists who are in violation of traffic laws.

“It has been a challenge to manage the number of motorbikes that we have in the parish,” said Senior Superintendent Gary McKenzie, commanding officer for the Westmoreland Police Division.

Ten persons have died in road crashes in Westmoreland since the start of the year, a drastic reduction from the 33 recorded over the corresponding period last year.

“We had a slowing down this year on the number of persons being involved in motorcycle accidents and being killed, but we continue to have the bike- taxi issue, as well as the problem where motorcyclists are not wearing helmets and [are] carrying more persons that what is allowed,” McKenzie said.

The superintendent expressed the hope that the attitudes of rides will change when the new Road Traffic Act takes effect.

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