Four killed in two shootings in Spanish Town

Three men were killed in Thompson Pen, St Catherine, on Sunday, following an attack on a bar by armed thugs.

The victims have been identified as Alex McKenzie, 18; Shamar Atkinson, 17, otherwise called ‘Smokey’; and 24-year-old Rohan Smith, otherwise called ‘Higgler’ of Thompson Pen. A fourth man was shot and injured. It is said that the attack may have been a reprisal for the murder of a GraceKennedy employee Kevin Monroe, who was killed in Jones Avenue earlier. The police confirmed that at about 2 a.m. on Sunday, explosions were heard at Monroe’s home. The police were called and upon the arrival, his body was found with numerous gunshot wounds.

The triple murder occurred at a sports bar along the Thompson Pen main road, sometime after noon, when a group of gunmen reportedly invaded the establishment. They fired a number of shots, hitting the occupants. The men then escaped in the area. The injured men were taken to hospital where Atkinson, Smith, and McKenzie were pronounced dead and the fourth man admitted in serious condition.

“Mi nuh go over da bar deh due to the feud what a gwaan in the area. Wi know seh it is tense so pure wickedness a gwaan roun here,” a bystander said. Residents say the Thompson Pen community has been experiencing frequent gun attacks in recent weeks.

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