Giuliana Rancic Reveals Her 4-Year-Old Son's Mature Music Taste

He may have been born in 2012, but Giuliana Rancic‘s son Duke has some seriously mature music taste. 

According to his famous mom, the 4-year-old starts and ends every day with some tunes. 

“He loves to sing. He wakes up in the morning and goes to bed every night singing,” the Fashion Police co-host told E! News at the The Pink Agenda’s Annual Gala for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “He wakes up in the morning and literally I go, ‘Duke, do you want to go eat breakfast or watch a cartoon?'”

“He goes, ‘No, mom. I need your phone. I want to listen to John Denver,'” Rancic said. “He’s obsessed with John Denver and Bob Marley. Those are his two favorites. Drake, Beyoncé—he’s got amazing taste in music.”

Little Duke is equally a fan of Iron Man—and that’s who he’s dressing up as this year for Halloween, complete with faux muscles. “It’s so cute,” Giuliana told E! News. 

As any proud mom, Rancic can’t contain her joy over her little one. “Duke is amazing. He’s the most incredible human being I’ve ever laid eyes on,” she gushed. “Every day he makes me laugh even harder than the day before and just blows my mind.”

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