HEART graduates urged to think big

Gail Hudson, the director of strategic human resources and administration in the Ministry of Health, said the 600 students who recently graduated from the HEART Trust-NTA Northwest Region should set lofty goals and dream big.

“Thinking big is not a gift but a skill that anyone can develop with practice, so you must give yourself to dream big,” said Hudson.

She was addressing the ceremony, which was held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall, St James.

“Successful people are big thinkers. They come up with reasons why you can, and see problems as not only challenges but opportunities. So turn your attention to be brave, bold and optimistic, because the size of your belief determines the size of your success.”

The ceremony featured graduates from HEART’s 11 faculties across the region, which includes the Kenilworth and Granville campuses as well as Petersfield and Seaford Town vocational training centres.

Commenting on this year’s HEART Trust-NTA theme, ‘Waves of Change … Oceans of Opportunity’, Hudson told the students that they must be hungry for success and that success will come about through proper career planning.

“You must be an aspiration to those around you. People must want to model and be like you. The bigger you think is the more you can get people on board. Big ideas motivate and inspire those around you, and in this highly connected world, there has not been a better time,” Hudson said.


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