Hellshire could get fire station

The Portmore Municipal Council said that it is considering building a fire station in Hellshire, St Catherine, to better serve that community.

Acting Mayor Leon Thomas made the announcement at a townhall meeting on the grounds of HEART Trust/NTA in Portsmouth, St Catherine, on Monday night.

The need for a fire station for Hellshire was raised by Norman Walker, president of the Sunshine City Chambers of Commerce.

“We think that Portmore is ready for a market. We think that Portmore should have more than one fire station,” Walker said.

“If we are going to create an environment that is conducive to job creation and business development, then we need to have these things.”

Thomas responded, stating that the Portmore Municipal Council has considered building a fire station in Hellshire.

“I have had discussions with the previous minister of local government about building a fire station in Hellshire. It is a matter that I plan to raise with the current minister also,” Leon Thomas said.

Portmore, home to some 182,000 residents, according to the last population census, is served by one fire station which is located in Waterford. Hellshire is located some 14 kilometres or 20 minutes, by car, from Waterford.0


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