Help me bring my son home – Mother of slain security guard appeals to public

Charmaine Aikens is still at a loss for words after she got news earlier this month that her 25-year-old son, who she has not seen in eight years, was shot and killed.

Aikens told THE STAR that she was preparing to welcome her son back home after he spent eight years in Trinidad and Tobago working as a security officer.

“Nuh tears nuh left fi cry. Fi mi nuh see him for many years and fi know me mek plans fi pick him up alive and now fi know seh things change and mi affi go pick him up dead, it hard,” she said as her voice trembled.

Her son Augustus Williams was shot and killed on May 7.

Reports were that he was walking on the street in Port-of-Spain when a man confronted him and shot him several times. It was reported that he died on the spot.

Aikens, a mother of six, said that she was looking forward to seeing Augustus, as he was excited to be coming home.

But now she is very depressed because of his death and because she cannot hear anything from the Trinidad authorities.




“I got a call from a police officer over there and he told me. From them tell me that me nuh hear nothing else from them,” she said.

She said that her family is grieving, especially her second child who had a very tight relationship with Augustus.

“We were very close and he was very close to my 18-year-old daughter as well. She lost her father when she was five and so their relationship as siblings was extremely close,” she said.

Fighting back the tears, Aikens, who is unemployed, said that she is appealing for help to get her son home so that he can get a proper burial.

“All of my children are doing well in school. My 18-year-old’s father was a policeman, so that must tell you me grow children; I don’t grow hooligans or killers,” she said.

“Right now I am not working and I just need some help to get my son home. They said that is TT$18,000 (approximately J$325,000) to bring him home,” she added.

Aikens said she would like some help to lessen the burden that she now faces.

Anyone who can assist Aikens is asked to make donations to her NCB account 474778088, Swift code: JNCBJMKX

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