Hue Family Gives Back to Tweedside, Clarendon

Health Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, has hailed the generosity of Florida-based Jamaicans, Eric and Dr. Hyacinth Hue, for their donation of a two-storey building, valued at $40 million, which will house a clinic.

The facility, located in Tweedside, Clarendon, will offer antenatal, dressing, child health, curative (general) and family planning, among other services.

It is equipped with blood pressure monitors, examination tables, wheelchairs, infant and adult scales, desks, chairs, and a doctor’s and nurse’s office. There is adequate water supply, ample parking and easy access for all.

Named the Eric & Dr. Hyacinth Hue Health Centre, the clinic will be open Mondays to Fridays and have the services of a doctor once per month.

Dr. Tufton, in his remarks at the handover ceremony in the community recently, urged the residents “to take care of the building, cherish it, and give thanks for the blessings that they have received”.

He said the Government values partnership with private stakeholders for the development of the health sector.

“We in Government are always happy when these partnerships are established and manifest themselves in a tangible way. Public health for us is a partnership, and today is a manifestation of that,” he pointed out.

Dr. Tufton informed that there were some 200 health missions to the island last year, including clinics and donations of equipment, cash and kind, representing five per cent of the $63-billion health budget for 2017/18.

“We salute that because the reality is we would never have enough to do what is required, and the growing and global trend in public health is to seek out and forge partnerships to satisfy the increasing challenges of public health,” he said.

Custos of Clarendon, William ‘Billy’ Shagoury, also implored the residents of Tweedside to make sure that the facility is well maintained.

He thanked the Hue family for the health centre and said it was heart-warming to see that they have remembered their roots.

Jerez Hue, who spoke on behalf of her parents, said the presentation of the health centre was long in the making and she was happy it was finally a reality.

She noted that they have been giving back to Clarendon and Jamaica for many years.

“Before I was even a consideration, my parents were sponsoring, providing spiritual and financial support as well as housing to countless numbers of families and friends and people they didn’t even know. They have always been selfless and caring towards others,” she said.

“They have made upgrades and donations to Tweedside Primary School; given scholarships to primary-, secondary- and high-school students, assisted the elderly; fed the poor and worked with the Government to build homes for the elderly and homeless, among many other charitable acts,” Ms. Hue added.

Eric and Dr. Hyacinth Hue, who are now serving as missionaries, have also organised health missions, through which residents benefit from free health services.

The two-storey building was constructed in 2002 to enhance social services for the community as part of her family’s vision to support the health and educational needs of the residents.

It was being utilised as a school and postal agency, and will continue to offer those services.

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