Jason Sudeikis Has Fun With Phallic Sculpting on The Tonight Show

Got something on your mind, Jason Sudeikis?

The Son of Zorn star appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show Monday and played a new game called “Tandem Sculptionary.” Sudeikis teamed with Hairspray Live!‘s Kristin Chenoweth, while host Jimmy Fallon partnered with DNCE‘s Joe Jonas. Similar to Pictionary, each player created a work of art—in this case, with clay—and tried to get their partner to guess what it was. After choosing a clue at random, they had 30 seconds to sculpt—all while sitting behind their partner.

Chenoweth chose the first clue: candlestick. “Lord, help us all,” she joked.

Because she’s so petite, the 4-foot-11 actress decided to stick her entire head through Sudekis’ arms as she rolled yellow clay into a cylinder and began to blow on it. “Oh, come on!” the actor joked. It didn’t take long for him to correctly guess the sculpture, which mystified Fallon. “She was blowing on it!” Sudekis explained. Jonas—never one to miss a dirty joke—merely smirked.

Fallon selected the next clue, and at Jonas’ insistence, he “got real close.” It only took 16 seconds for the singer to properly guess that the host had sculpted a giraffe out of yellow clay.

Chenoweth then took her seat as Sudekis selected his clue: palm tree. Putting his hands through her arms—fingers splayed—it looked as if he was about to grab something else. “Jason, your hands!” Fallon said. “Don’t do that with your hands! Just don’t do that with your hands!” As Sudeikis molded brown clay into a long, thing cylinder, Chenoweth repeated, “I’m nervous!”

The actress appeared horrified as Fallon’s laughter grew louder and louder. Chenoweth figured out the answer with 14 seconds to spare. After Jonas handed the clay back to Sudeikis, the actor held it near his grown, pretending to be unaware of what it looked like. As Chenoweth laughed, Fallon told him to “put it over there” on another table. “Put it where?” Sudekis joked.

With Fallon still laughing at Sudekis’ joke, Jonas moved on to his final clue: toothbrush. When his partner began to roll red clay in a cylindrical shape, Fallon said, “It always starts the same…” Jonas added some white clay and began to mime brushing, and the host correctly guessed the answer with 14 seconds on the clock. “Sorry about the whole mouth thing,” Jonas told Fallon.

With the game tied, the two teams competed in tandem.

To see who won, watch the video above.

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