Joel McHale Drops Prenup Advice for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Joel McHale

OMG at Pete’s $93k Ring for Ariana

And Here’s a Prenup Tip …

6/13/2018 7:50 AM PDT


Joel McHale is so impressed by how much Pete Davidson spent on Ariana Grande‘s engagement ring … he’s lobbying for an ‘SNL’ gig. Jokingly. We think.

We got Joel at the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament near downtown L.A. — he was paired with Markiplier, for you Fortnite heads. Anyway, we broke the Ariana-Pete engagement news to Joel, and you gotta see his reaction. The $93k price tag for the ring really did blow him away.

Unlike some naysayers, Joel told us the couple’s young age — they’re both 24 — isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He’s got a great example.

Plus, he dropped a little wisdom about whether they should draw up a prenup.

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