Juror dies awaiting payment

One year after he served as a juror in Hanover, Garth Huie is livid that he is yet to be paid.

Huie told The STAR that he served as a juror in late 2016 and was told that he would have been paid by January 2017.

Jurors are paid a daily stipend of $2,000.

“We were supposed to be on jury duty for 10 days, but we spent 20 days. When we fi get pay, they said that they needed our TRN, and we gave it to them. Then, we heard that the dates on the court documents were wrong, and that is the reason we can’t get pay,” he said.

“One gentleman couldn’t wait pan the money. He died. He was an elderly man,” Huie claimed.

Huie told The STAR that he has been calling the Court Manage-ment Services, seeking to get information on when he will be paid. However, he said that he has not been given a satisfactory answer.

He said that even though he is owed $40,000, his focus is not so much the money.

“After a while, the money is not the problem, the principle behind the thing is important. They don’t show any regard for people, because people start bend up dem face because I guess dem see me too often,” he said.

“I just think it is unfair, because you go and sit there whole day, and when you must get pay this is the way they are treating you,” he added.

The STAR sought a response from the Court Management Services last week, but none has been forthcoming.


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