Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie Are Done Hooking Up, but They're Still Talking

As quickly as Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber came to be, they came to an end.

But when Sofia was spotted at Justin’s concert in London, we had to wonder whether these two were hooking up again. But a source tells E! News exclusively that there is nothing going on between these two. “Sofia and Justin are not back together, and they never were an official couple,” the insider shares. “They just hooked up and were close friends.”

Sofia and Justin remain “close friends” even though they’re not hooking up anymore, but that doesn’t mean all is perfect in their friendship. “Sofia is still kind of annoyed at how Justin handled a few things, but they still communicate,” the insider adds. “They haven’t hooked up in a minute.”

But does that mean Sofia wouldn’t revisit the idea of them again? Not so fast. “Sofia is chill with the whole situation and not ruling out future possibilities with Justin,” the source shares, “but as of this second nothing is happening.”

Sofia and Justin ended things in September because the Love Yourself crooner realized he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship, another source explained. “It was super-hot and heavy, and because Justin doesn’t want a relationship right now, he wanted to cool things down,” the source said, adding, “It wasn’t an intentional cool-off. It just sort of happened on its own.” 

But another insider told us that the media frenzy surrounding them at all times took its toll. “They are still friends though and will continue to see each other like they did before they were dating,” our insider shared. “They are taking a backseat though on the romance side of things and just focusing on being friends at this time.”

Sounds like they’ve gotten it all figured out. 

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