McNeill appeals for help

Dr Wykeham McNeill, member of parliament for Western Westmoreland, is calling on the Government to immediately release emergency funding to carry out activities to alleviate the flooding in sections of his constituency.

McNeill is making the appeal after sections of Broughton, Station Road, Bay Road, McNeill land in Little London, and Peggy Barry in Grange Hill have continued to be inundated from heavy rains on the weekend.

“I spoke to Minister [Everald] Warmington last Saturday advising him that there was a real threat to life and property and that the communities needed assistance from central government. We had toured with the superintendent of roads and works, the mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, and the councillors from the affected areas, examining the damage that was done to the road surface and where the flooding had taken place. It was obvious from our observation that steps need to be taken to prevent any further dislocation in the first instance, followed by repairs to the road infrastructure as soon as possible,” McNeill explained.

Residents have lost livestock, crops and other personal properties, and children are unable to attend school as their homes are uninhabitable and some roads are impassable.

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