MoBay mayor hopes state of emergency will ‘brake’ crime

Montego Bay’s mayor, Councillor Homer Davis, hopes support will be given to the state of emergency that is now under way in St James.

“Many stakeholders, some openly and some quietly, were calling for such action, and now that it has been declared, I am hoping that they will support the action; and I hope that the police will be able to put not only a dent, but a major lid on the crime activities that are taking place in the parish, especially murders,” said Davis.

St James recorded 335 murders in 2017.

“I am not prepared to say it must affect the tourism product, but this has been happening for quite some time where actions like these are taking place in the public space, with some level of impunity. A state of emergency, in my opinion, will bring some brakes to this,” Davis added.

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