Mother of seven seeks help to fix roof

Working just two days per week for a very meagre salary of $5,000, Sharon Maxwell was able to save and build a two- bedroom home for her and her seven children.

However, things have gotten worse for the 47-year-old domestic helper, who said that the roof of her home is in a deplorable condition. She is, therefore, seeking the public’s assistance to repair it before the rainy season starts.

“When rain falls, I have to set everything (to catch water) because the zinc and boards gone bad. A rainy season now, so I have to be setting everything from the bath pan to the cup and spoon. Sometimes me feel to run away, but me nuh have anywhere to go, and mi can’t lef mi pickney dem,” she said.

Currently, only five of Maxwell’s kids live with her in the violence-prone area of Mango Walk in Effortville, Clarendon. She told THE STAR that she has managed to steer her children away from getting involved in criminal activities, while adding that one of them is on the quiz team at his school.

She added that these days she only makes $2,500 per week, as one of her employers relocated.

“I used to work two days, but things boil down right now, so I am just working one day now. They had broken into one of my employers’ house, so that set things back a bit because he had to leave the community,” she said.


“It rough bad, and nuff times mi nuh have anything to give them (children) to eat. But mi reason with them all the time, and tell them that things will be better and they should not envy other person’s tings. If mi could get a little help to even buy some chickens to raise, mi would be happy because this way I wouldn’t have to ask anyone for help.”

Sadly, Maxwell said that she does not receive any assistance from any of her children’s fathers, and she is often overcome with frustration. However, she said that she is motivated to try harder, as she does not want her children to experience what she has had to endure.

“A lot of persons would ask how I manage to save from that, but when you have children, you have to make the impossible possible. It hard bad, but I throw a partner for $1,000 per week and another one for $200 daily. That’s what I use to save and buy the materials (to build the house) little little,” she told THE STAR.

“There are days when I feel like giving up and to just bruck up everything, but I know that I have to be there for my children. Sometimes they don’t go to school with lunch money because I really don’t have it. But they are good children and they understand, so they tuff it out.

Persons who would like to assist Sharon Maxwell may contact her at 876-886-6724.

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