AUGUST 30, 2018

It was a sad day today in New Forrest, Manchester when Mr. Stafford Banton received a call from his daughter asking him to go and check on her mother his ex wife Ms Winifred Elliot fondly called Ms. Peggy, as she was not responding to any of their countless phone calls.

Mr. Banton gives his account of approaching the home of the deceased and even signalling to a passing police patrol car with no avail. Mr Banton on reaching the residence was greeted with a parked police jeep. A rather disheartened and anxious  Mr Banton then proceeded to try and enter the premises of his slain x wife where he was stopped in his tracks by the officers at the scene.

After  dialogue followed with  an explanation they accompanied him to the premises where on entering the house from the back into the bedroom he stumbled upon the lifeless body of his x wife Ms Elliot (Ms Peggy )laying on the bed on her back with stab wounds and  dried blood stains  and the contents of a draw in the bedroom ransacked and out of place.

The Mandeville Police are presently investigating the murder of Ms. Elliot (Ms. Peggy)

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