Natalie Portman on Playing Jackie Kennedy: "A Complex Portrait of a Woman"

Natalie Portman is getting lots of Oscar buzz for her work starring as Jackie Kennedy in the upcoming drama Jackie.

“You dream about when you make something having people connect to it and relate to it so when the finished product is out [and] people really connect to it emotionally it’s exactly what you dream about,” Portman told E! News last night the New York Film Festival premiere of the Pablo Larraín-directed film.

Jackie follows the first lady during the days after Pres. Kennedy was assassinated.

“I hope that people get a complex portrait of a woman,” Portman said. “I think one of the great things about the film that Pablo made is it’s not trying to tell you what to think about her. It’s just creating this very specific and detailed portrait of many of the aspects of this woman. And she’s complex and smart and strong sometimes and weak other times.”

She continued, “She’s a human being and I think it’s rare to get to see a woman’s humanity in that much detail in film.”

Peter Sarsgaard plays Robert F. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy hits close to home. “My daughter takes ballet at the ballet school she funded,” the actor said. “She’s everywhere.”

Jackie is in theaters on Dec. 2.

And Jackie isn’t the only thing Portman is celebrating these days. She is also pregnant with her second child with her dancer-choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied. Their son Aleph Portman-Millepied is five.

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