Ninja Man faces life imprisonment – December 15 Sentencing

Dancehall entertainer Ninja Man now faces the possibility of life in prison after he was found guilty of murder and shooting with intent yesterday in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

The artiste, whose given name is Desmond Ballentyne, his son Janiel, and another man identified as Dennis Clayton were brought before the courts for the March 17, 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, also known as ‘Ricky Trooper’.

His two co-accused were also convicted of murder, but were freed of the shooting with intent charge.

The seven-member jury, which consisted of four men and three women, came back with the guilty verdict for the deejay after over three hours of deliberation.

When the entertainer left the courtroom his face moved from one of seriousness to one that wore a broad smile.

“A suh it guh man,” the deejay said, as he was led away in handcuffs clad in orange and green shirt and pants suit, with his smiling son beside him.

But his lawyer, Valerie Neita-Robinson, had nothing to say.

“No comment. No comment,” she told news reporters.

After, the verdict was handed down, a handful of persons gathered to catch a glimpse of the artiste as he entered a police vehicle.

Among them was Susan Brown.

“I don’t know wah fi say. Mi neva did expect fi hear seh him guilty,” she told THE STAR.

Another woman, Pam, expressed sadness.

“Is a sad situation, and a God haffi go turn di table fi him,” she said, noting that she has been following his career for decades.

Meanwhile, another man, who did not give his name, said that other artiste should learn from Ninja Man’s conviction.

“Me just see di crowd and look as well, but most a dem artiste ya sing some songs, so a dem song a ketch up with them ya now,” he said.

However, while they waited, it began to rain and the gathering shrunk to only a few faithful onlookers.

When Ninja Man finally exited the court building at approximately 6:15 p.m. he made a promise to the small group of people.

“Nuh worry Jamaica, I will be back,” he said.

He is to return to court on December 15 for sentencing

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