Noisy River is a great place to chill

When it comes to chill spot destinations, the Noisy River is a great place to visit. It is clean, it is cool, and it is cozy. This delightful river, located in Oxford, Manchester, and pretty close to the Trelawny and St Elizabeth borders, has plenty of space for everyone desirous of experiencing its numerous swimming areas and mini-waterfalls.

Desiree Cross said she could not resist the temptation to visit the spot, formally called the Oxford River, recently.

“The water was so cold, as usual, so I had to submerge myself in the water slowly. I found a nice spot where there were some flat rocks, which I was able to relax on while under the water. It was like a Jacuzzi. I spent about half an hour there in one spot, just relaxing. I felt so refreshed and revitalised when I came out. The coolness from the river remained in me even hours after I got home,” said Cross, a social worker.

“Noisy River is the perfect spot for anybody that is seeking to cool down or just get away for a little while,” added the Williamsfield, St Elizabeth resident.

Last Sunday, when THE WEEKEND STAR visited the location, we met Selaphenia Dawkins, who travelled from Portland.


“People seh the river nice, so wi come fi experience it,” she said. “The water is nice, even though it very cold. The fact that it’s not deep makes it feel good, because mi can’t swim.”

Dawkins said that “as long as you have company and vibes, you will enjoy it”.

Another fun seeker, Toya B, who was visiting from Boston, Massachusetts, in the USA, seemed to enjoy the water beating from the stones.

“I heard about it and we drove out here just for the experience,” she said. “They told me it was a nice river and that on Sundays they have dance and parties, so it is a nice spot just to go hang out. This is my second time coming here, and I love it, nice spot to relax,” she said.

Jody-Ann Brown, who turned 17 last Sunday, was there celebrating her birthday.

“It just cool and nice,” said the Christiana High School student, who hopes to return.

Shanique Beckford, who is from Trelawny, was visiting for the first time. “It’s a nice, very nice chill spot,” she described it.

The Noisy River amenities were upgraded a few years ago through a project led by the Member of Parliament for North West Manchester Mikael Phillips. Sanitary conveniences, a picnic area, and shops are in place. A fee of $50 is charged for the use the bathrooms or changing rooms.

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