Palisadoes strip becoming popular chill spot

Friday evenings are a sigh of relief for many persons who work nine-to-five jobs, as this symbolises the start of the weekend.

Some may only have this time to relax as Saturday is another working day with house chores, and Sunday is just another reminder that Monday is near.

Many may wipe away the stress by going to parties, while others prefer to settle for a quiet place with friends and family.

The Palisadoes strip has become that place for those who need peace. Last Saturday when THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area, many persons were there just relaxing and enjoying nature at its finest.

Roy Thomas, who jogs along the Palisadoes strip on a regular basis, said that the area is very peaceful.

“I discovered this place about three years ago, and it has become the best place to jog. Most times after I jog, I just sit on the rocks and feel the cool breeze on my face. Yeah, I know that’s weird, but I enjoy it,” he said.

While he admits that the strip is not always quiet, Thomas said that it is the perfect getaway spot for people who are stressed.


Fun first date


Meanwhile, James, who only discovered the area about six months ago, said that it can be the perfect place to have a fun first date.

“I was talking to this girl and she decided that she wanted to stop here. I found it stupid at the time, but after sitting here and just talking and laughing with her, I realised how great this place was. We take walks on the beach and even come out here to jog sometimes. I am amazed at how simple this place is and the impact it has on us,” he said.

He said that for the six months that he has been visiting the area, he has noticed that more persons have been coming there. However, he said that he hopes the strip doesn’t become overcrowded.

While it is a regular spot for James, Samantha, who was visiting the strip for the first time, said that she heard about the area and decided to try it out.

“The best part of coming here is that the food is a stone’s throw away. So you get some good food and come out here, enjoy the sea breeze and listen some good music. It is the perfect getaway for people weh nuh have nuff money fi spend and don’t want the bagga noise at a party. A di perfect Friday chill spot,” she said.

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