Pete Wentz Cops to Being Super 'Dorky' for 'Game of Thrones,' Shares Theories

Pete Wentz

I’m a Total ‘Dork’ with ‘GoT’ Theories

… Follow Me Down the Wormhole!!!

4/24/2019 7:30 AM PDT


Pete Wentz is such an extreme “dork” for “Game of Thrones,” he’s almost apologizing for it, but he’s also sharing some DEEP theories about the final season … including who’s next to kick the bucket.

We got Pete outside of Craig’s Tuesday night in WeHo and our guy could barely get his question out about ‘GoT’ when Pete went full Thronee … nerding out with conspiracy theories that, as he said, go way beyond who’s going to end up on the iron throne. You can tell, he’s been up and down several Reddit rabbit holes.

Check out the vid … Pete’s got his own ideas about Bran Stark, Melisandre and Grey Worm’s fates as the stage is being set up for an epic battle between Westeros and the White Walkers.

If Pete’s this geeked out … maybe he oughta put some money where his mouth is.

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