Pissed! – – Neighbours fight over urine in yard

A man who wounded a woman during an argument over the stench of urine he threw in a yard will have to wait a little longer before his fate is decided.

Charged with wounding is Mark Thomas.

He pleaded guilty when the matter was called up in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday.

Thomas said: “I was looking after some breakfast and then I took up some p*%s and carry it go throw away. She come inna the yard and ask a wah smell so renk. I told her that the smell will go weh in two hours, and she start argue.”

He told the court that he called the police because things began to escalate.

“She go weh and come back, and say who me a call police pon, and she wet me up,” Thomas said.

The court heard that Thomas threw water on the complainant as well.

“Mi wet her up back and she go for a board and slap me up. I went for a board and hit her back, and she went for a knife and cut me,” he said.

The case is set for mention on July 6.

Thomas had his bail extended until then.


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