PNP Pickle

PNP Pickle

The Peoples National Party (PNP) has found itself in a sticky position after naming Keisha Hayle as its candidate for North West Andrew.

Late yesterday evening after Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the by-election date for North West St Andrew and presented the JLP candidate Dr Nigel Clarke, screen shot images of unkind comments of PNP President Dr Peter Phillips posted by Keisha Hayle on her Facebook page started circulating on social media.

In the comments Ms Hayle implies that the PNP President Dr Peter Phillips was incapable of leading the Party into victory.

“Mr Phillips if you don’t have the goods to lead an effective opposition pls step aside and let someone else into the driver’s seat” she posted on her facebook page.

Political commentators say these posts will haunt the PNP in the upcoming by-election. They also question the ability of the PNP Secretariat to manage the affairs of the Party and to present the Party as an organized body to gain state power.

At least one party supporter expressed to BOJTV total annoyance with the Party’s General Secretary Julian Robinson and his entire secretariat for rushing to name candidates without proper vetting.

The Party found itself in a some what similar position last year after the Secretariat named Dr. Shane Alexis as its candidate in the then by election in South East St Mary but found out after that he was a Canadian citizen.

[See screen shots from Keisha Haye Facebook page]

It seems Ms Haye was spoken to by PNP officials as she has since tried to fix the situation by making a post indicating that she now has confidence in Dr Phillips’s leadership ability.

PNP supporters have told BOJTV that  are sitting uneasy and say that the Party should call an emergency meeting of its officers to access the matter.

In the mean time Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday announced the By-Election date for North West St Andrew to be Monday March 5 2018 with nomination date being Monday February 12th 2018.

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