Portmore to get its own market

Residents of Portmore can expect an agricultural market in the next administration of the municipal council.

Acting Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas said at a STAR/JNN community forum in Portmore last night that the Portmore Municipal Council has made plans to build a market on a piece of land that has already been identified.

He said the facility will be located in Cedar Grove, across from the Caymanas Police Station.

President of the Sunshine City Chamber of Commerce, Norman Walker, said that the time has come for Portmore to have its own market.

“We think that Portmore is ready for a market,” Walker said at the townhall meeting held on the grounds of the HEART Trust/NTA last night.

“If we are going to have a business environment that is going to create employment then we need an environment that is conducive to business development,” Walker said in his opening address in front of the visibly divided crowd; one side donning green and the other orange.

The acting mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas, gave further details.

“What we have done so far is that we had three consultative meetings. We have met with the Local Government Ministry. We have done the plan and the design and we are now conducting a survey with Portmore citizens to get their views on the matter,” Thomas said.

The Portmore Municipal Council was formed in 2003 and is the only council without a market.

Meanwhile Thomas faced fiery questions about the short-comings of the Council, among them the is the question about containing mosquitoes.

When a resident asked about fogging throughout the municipality, Thomas said the responsibility is of the St Catherine Health department.

“It is not the responsibility of the municipal council to conduct fogging. However, the municipal council has purchased four fogger machines and gave them to the St Catherine Health department,” he said.

Jamaica Labour Party candidate Keith Blake and Thomas will vie for the mayor post in the November 28 Local Government elections.


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