'Puss in a slippers' – Woman tries to smuggle weed into lock-up


A St James woman, who reportedly tried to sneak ganja into the Freeport police lock-up by hiding it inside a pair of slippers, will be sentenced in the St James Parish Court on July 9.

Shantel Francis, of a Cambridge address, pleaded guilty to possession of two and a half ounces of ganja when she appeared in court on Wednesday, June 6.

“The circumstances are that my client went to visit the Freeport station, and she was given things to take there,” said the defendant’s attorney, Dalton Reid.

“You mean she was given ‘puss in a bag’ to take there?” asked parish judge Sandra Wong-Small.

“Puss in a slippers,” Reid quipped, to the amusement of the court.

Although the date when the offence took place was not disclosed, the court was told that Francis visited the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay to deliver a pair of slippers for an inmate. The slippers were examined and the ganja found. Francis was immediately arrested.

Wong-Small subsequently ordered that a social enquiry report be prepared to help determine an appropriate sentence for Francis. Her bail was extended until July 9.


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