Rasta community, fellow artistes support the 'Fireman'

It was a vibrant affair for Capleton’s supporters inside the courtyard at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday after news emerged that the reggae artiste, who is charged with rape, was granted bail.

From a dreadlocked man parading with a bluetooth speaker blaring the artiste’s tracks, to a flagman, whose antics and chants could not be ignored, there was a solid show of support for the artiste.

Several entertainers and industry players were also on hand to lend support to Capleton.

“Burn di Pope! Dem can’t conquer Rastafari,” shouted the flag-man who ran about waving the Ethiopian flag high.

Entertainer Tony Rebel spoke to THE STAR, outlining why he was on hand to support his fellow artiste.

He said: “I came here to find out what is happening because Capleton is a man who me know over the years weh never really involve in anything that the court has to be involved. So it kinda surprising to me; me just deh ya curious like everybody else a look fi see what’s going on and try to understand.”

Rebel also expressed appreciation that the artiste was granted bail.




He said: “That is great that him get bail cause him supposed to. I don’t think he has been into the courts before and therefore it is only right that he is granted bail. Of course, we love fi know say him get bail and we would a love talk to him personally fi find out wah really gwaan still.”

The entertainer also had a message for other entertainers.

“I would want to encourage all my entertainers to stay away from getting into trouble or be vigilant because sometimes you don’t have to get into trouble, trouble will get into you. That is what I would like to encourage them to do,” he said.



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