Redmann fires constituency secretary, padlocks office gate

Redmann fires constituency secretary, padlocks office gate

Information reaching the BOJTV news room is that Member Of Parliament for North East St Elizabeth Evon Redmann fired his constituency secretary last night.

Sources tell BOJTV that Redmann asked the secretary for the delegate list ahead of the Constituency Conference last Saturday and she withheld the list from him. This caused unease in the already tense constituency with Redmann not attending the constituency conference.

We are told that late last night without the knowledge of the Member of Parliament the constituency office was being used by the secretary and other persons. Redmann not knowing what was happening locked the gate to the office. He was later called to open the gate where he fired the secretary on spot.

Sources say Reddman is unhappy with the political affairs in the constituency. Earlier this year Basil Waite defeated Everton Fisher in a run off for standard bearer of the constituency. Since then moves have been made to heel the wounds but despite public display of unity on occasions sources say the whispers of disunity are loud.

Last Sunday the JLP leader Andrew Holness presented Santa Cruz Business man – Delroy Slowley as their candidate in North East Elizabeth.

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