Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe's Hangover Solution Is So Relatable

Although you may know Ashley Madekwe as the social climbing assistant Ashley Davenport from the first two seasons of ABC’s Revenge, in real life, she’s a down-to-earth, girl-next-door fashionista.

You won’t find many selfies on her Instagram, and if she does post a selfie, it may come with a caption that reads “Narcissism.” Sure, she’s spent ample time on the red carpet, but those moments are sprinkled into her profile alongside photos of her eating ice cream, laughing on the beach with her friends and shoes, lots of shoes. Plus, she’s eats Cheetos when she’s hungover and admits to picking at pimples—you can’t get more relatable than this.

Her go-to beauty look is also humble in its approach. In person, the first thing you notice is her flawless skin. There isn’t a scar in sight. Plus, she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, so you’re only focus is her natural glow.

“I like to focus on skin. I think it’s the foundation of any beauty look,” the British star told E! News. 

It’s no wonder that the actress is now an ambassador for bareMinerals. She recently partnered with the brand on the BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation, to make radiant, natural-appearing skin easier for everyone. The new foundation uses papaya enzymes to perfect the skin’s texture and bamboo stem extracts for a matte, skin-mirroring finish. Plus, it promises to be humidity and sweat resistant for warmer days, making it a viable option as an everyday product. 

While the actress is almost anti-makeup, the no makeup trend is continuing to garner support on the runway and among celebrities, making her one to watch. We sat down with the natural beauty guru to talk products, embarrassing moments and more. Check out the star’s Beauty Beat below! 

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