Savannah Guthrie Talks Pregnancy No. 2, Her "Chill" Ob-Gyn & Why She'd "100 Percent" Get an Epidural

Fit Pregnancy

Savannah Guthrie isn’t one of those moms with her birth plan mapped out to a tee.

The Today show co-host is pregnant with baby No. 2, and as she tells Fit Pregnancy‘s November issue, she’s pretty laid-back about what goes on in the delivery room.

“I had a low-lying placenta with Vale, so about nine days before my due date, my doctor recommended a C-section,” says Savannah of her 2-year-old daughter’s delivery. “The whole experience was just fantastic. Afterward, I was high on life—and probably a couple of painkillers. This time, when I said, ‘Do you think I’ll have a C-section again?’ the doctor said, ‘Let’s talk about it when it gets closer.’ And I like that about my doctor. He’s real chill.” 

Savannah Guthrie, Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

“If I need a C-section, I’ll be totally okay with that,” she continued. “And if I have this baby the old-fashioned way, that’s cool too.”

Savannah Guthrie, Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

And if Savannah has a VBAC with her son, she’s all about that epidural! “Oh, 100 percent,” she tells Fit Pregnancy with a laugh. “Is there anything about me that suggests I have the internal fortitude to withstand birth without a little bit of help? But my hat’s off to women who do. My sister-in-law did with both of her children. She’s an amazing superwoman athlete. And I know that I am not.”

The journalist does have some wise words of advice for any first-time moms to be: Buy really big underwear. “Take the ones they give you at the hospital,” she tells Fit Pregnancy, “but ale get cheap, soft, big grandma underwear you can wear and then throw away. Trust me.”

Savannah’s full interview can be found in Fit Pregnancy.

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