#ScoopieLoopie – Tanya Stephens diss Portia Simpson-Miller; says she’s happy to see her go. Comments draw the wrath of comrades.

#ScoopieLoopie – Tanya Stephens diss Portia Simpson-Miller; says she’s  happy to see her go. Comments draw the wrath of comrades.

In a blistering social media post female recording artist Tanya Stephens may have given former Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller the most stinging and direct cristisim in her over 40 years political career.

The “It’s a pity” singer made the following post

“Hearing people lament Portia’s departure is like seeing people congratulate my rapist for being a good…. She isn’t a good person. She knows that. Besides unqualified and an embarrassing representation who wasn’t even of average intelleligence as per her public displays, she was also an aweful apathetic human who perfected the art of pandering to hypocrisy of Jamaicans. I am I am happy to see her back. I am not alone. Good riddance.”

Immediately after her stinging remarks serval PNP supporters and Portia Simpson Miller loyalists were having none of it and hit back at Stephens with stinging remarks of their own against her.

However the “These Streets” artist wasnt about to back down and went on to make several other posts dissing also Simpson – Miller’s supporters.

See some below:

“I stand in criticism of ALL public servants. I AM PUBLIC. I criticise their qualification (the latest being the most blatant case of under qualification) and I criticise their character as it relates to the likelihood of them working in the best interest of citizens safety and development. The right to do this is non-negotiable for ALL citizens, including but not limited to me. When someone tries to take that right from you I WILL join the loud chorus that SHOULD be defending you, and if there is none I SHALL be the lone voice. I don’t do this for you…I do it for me. To be able to face the mirror proudly overlooking my appearance as I bask in the glow of my credibility. I seek to impress no man. I have been and will always be the ONLY human who needs to approve of me, and I gain that approval every day of my life by doing what is right when I consider all the facts at my disposal. The facts include my OWN experiences. No argument presented by any person can erase the facts of my own experience, and attempted bullying can not cause amnesia.

Now, I will not do as you do and prescribe prayers to help you out of your predicament because you have been praying for yourselves and each other for generations yet by your own admissions you are getting progressively worse. Your crime rate soars, your health care is in shambles, people are underpaid and overtaxed, education is in disarray passing out more adults to join your vast numbers of barely functional citizens operating from a platform almost completely devoid of intellect.

It is because of YOU and what you represent, the further degradation of a country that is ALSO mine and others’ who share my concerns, that I cannot turn a blind eye and enjoy the comforts at MY disposal the way the people you defend do. WE will leave this decay for MY descendants to inherit! I will challenge you to aspire above your current descent. I will withstand whatever silly utterances you emanate knowing it doesn’t make me a martyr. It simply makes me a REAL Jamaican who loves my bloodclaat country and wants the best for it!

Have a productive day…for a change. Peace.”

Portia Simpson Miller who has indicated her intention to step down as MP ending her over 40 years political career, on Tuesday sat in Parliament for the last time.

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