Smallville Turns 15: 30 Guest Stars You Might Have Forgotten About

This Sunday, it will have been 15 years since Smallville first arrived on the scene, changing the TV superhero game forever. 

Over its 10 year run, the WB/CW series gave us countless well known characters from the DC universe, countless new characters with meteor-fueled powers, and more guest stars than you could probably count if you tried. 

Many of those guest stars were already big names, or have gone on to become much more famous to the point where their humble beginnings as angsty powerful teens have nearly been forgotten. 

Now that Smallville has made its way to Hulu, those appearances can easily be relived, and we’ve compiled 30 of the best and most unexpected guest star star appearances the show ever had. 

Did you know Amy Adams once sucked the fat out of a deer on TV? Do you remember that time Jensen Ackles played an evil boyfriend? Do you feel bad for Shawn Ashmore, since he only got to be a guest star while his twin brother scored a starring role? Now you definitely will! 

Click through the gallery above, and head to the comments with your favorite appearances!

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