Succaba Pen gets good road at last

Residents on Succaba Pen Road in Old Harbour, St Catherine, are beaming with delight as the only road that leads to the community is finally being surface after some 30-odd years of neglect, according to residents.

One resident, Dwayne Leachman, said that the community was like a pigsty before the contractors from Brighton Engineering Ltd began their work three months ago.

“This community was like a pigsty. Dem usually call here Hag S?%t Lane, so we like wah a gwaan still. Because before this, any time rain fall nobody could come out of dem house unless you a wear bag pon your shoes or you have on a water boot. So we glad for this,” Leachman said.

“When di rain fall is just straight mud and water, but now we get the mall pon it now it’s a lot better.”

A representative from Brighton Engineering Ltd, who is tasked to build the road, said that it took more than the expected time to lay the groundwork for the road.

“It tek more time than was expected, but we manage to carry it to this, and we looking to put oil on it next,” the representative said.

Daphne Hart, another resident, thanked the authorities for the road.

“I can remember many days of walking in mud and water. Sometimes when mi going to church, mi affi tek off mi shoes and put it in a mi hand. A pure mud and water and so mi want to thank Mr [Everald] Warmington for this,” Hart said.

Sandra Thomas said the improvement to the road will make life easier for residents.

Succaba Pen Road falls within the constituency of South West St Catherine, where Everald Warmington is the member of parliament.

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