Taxi men protest bad roads – in Bog Walk


Scores of commuters were left stranded after public passenger vehicle operators who ply the Linstead to Bog Walk and Linstead to Spanish Town routes withdrew their services and blocked several sections of the road.

Others were forced to walk miles to get to destinations, or at least try to. Some had to climb on hillsides and take the ‘banking’ as well as skip over fallen trees and other debris left in the road.

The taxi men and bus drivers say they were left with no option because of the bad state of the road and no word coming from political representatives as to when the road would be fixed.

“We nah nuh road from Bog Walk go a Linstead cause the road damage all over for over three years and it a get worse,” said Nigel, who said he has been a taxi man for 15 years.

He said the operators are frustrated by the cost that they have to be paying to maintain their vehicles.

“Almost every week wi affi buy car parts, strut, front end parts, wi affi buy wul a dem deh. Yuh a work di money and it come like it nuh mek nuh sense. Yuh can’t even feed yuh family suh it come like it nuh mek no sense,” he said.




“It might nuh look as bad as other roads but fi a main road, dis bad and if yuh drive yuh feel the real effect pon yuh car and inna yuh pocket,” another taxi man said.

He said that although he agreed with the protest action, he would’ve liked to make a few trips.

Peter Abrahams, the councillor for the Bog Walk division, said that this was not the first time that taxi men and other residents had blocked the road.

“I born and grow here, I traverse this road and for the past four to five years, this road has been in a deplorable condition. Honestly, I feel the pain of the motorists,” he said.

He said that he has even been involved in incidents where the road could even have caused accidents.

Nigel said that if they can’t come to an agreement with the responsible authorities, the road would be blocked again.

“We nah stop, we a plan fi dweet every day, if we nuh get no good talk tomorrow (today). Wi prefer just do this every day,” he said.

Some schools, including Dinthill Technical and Bog Walk High, were forced to suspend classes early.

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