The Bunkers Hill Xperience

Despite a myriad challenges, culture and history remainsan integral part of life in Bunkers Hill, Trelawny, thanks to the Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience, an entity devoted to keeping the history alive and exploiting its tourism potential.

The five-acre property, which houses the Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience, is a peaceful, lush green surrounding, which is enhanced by the colourful trees and shrubbery, near the Tangle River.

The property, which is jointly managed by the husband and wife team of O’Brian and Clover Gordon, was opened in July.

“We are here to uplift the community, and we want everybody to see the vision so they can jump on board,” said Clover. “We strongly believe that Bunkers Hill can be one of the best community tourist attractions in Jamaica.”

The history on display comprises several bamboo and thatched structures, similar to the dwellings of the Taino natives, who lived in the area centuries ago. There are also several small caves at the site, which were used by the Tainos and later by the Maroons. Part of the experience is a guided tour to the neighbouring ruins of the former Dromilly Great House.

Despite challenges such as the bad roads leading into the community, the Gordons are completely focused on making the attraction, which offer Jamaica food and drinks, a beautiful waterfall, wedding facilities, and a botanical garden, among other attractions, a success.

One of the objectives of the operators is to forge a partnership with the residents of Bunkers Hill and the surrounding communities to ensure that they, too, can enjoy some of the benefits.

“Ninety per cent of the food and other products that we use on the property come from the community,” said Gordon.

“We see this as a social enterprise, and we want the community to have a say in what we do here. All the staff members that we employ are from Bunkers Hill, Dromilly, and surrounding areas.”

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