The Chainsmokers and Bomba Estéreo Are "Obsessed" With Each Other

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There is a musical love story that is brewing between The Chainsmokers and Bomba Estéreo

It all went down at the 2016 American Music Awards when a reporter told the duo that they have a huge Latino following, then they were asked if they would collaborate with someone from the Latin market. That’s when the group’s Andrew Taggart said, “Do you know Bomba Estéreo? I’m obsessed with them.”

Then Alex Pall revealed that they had planned to perform with them in the past, but Taggart had an injury that didn’t allow them to perform. 

“We’d love to, we’re always open-minded to do collaborations like that. We’re just waiting…Latin America, come at us! We’re waiting,” the 31-year-old singer said.

Well, it seems that this love is mutual because the Bomba Estéreo tweeted, “Congratulations on your Electric Dance Music Award at the @AMAs! We’re obsessed too @TheChainsmokers! Hope we can make it work soon!”

This type of collaboration wouldn’t be the first for Bomba Estéreo, we can’t forget when Will Smithjoined them for the English/Spanish remix of their track “Fiesta.”

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