This Student beats teacher for damaging cell phone

A student of a prominent Corporate Area-based high school was expelled after he physically assaulted a vice principal of the institution on Friday.

According to an eyewitness, the vice principal saw the fifth form student with a cell phone in his possession and grabbed it from him, as it against the school’s policy for students to have their phones on the compound.

However, the student was determined that he would not give up his phone, and snatched it back from the vice principal’s grasp, and a tussle for the device ensued.

During the scuffle, the phone fell to the ground, cracking on impact.

The student then reacted by punching the vice principal in the face multiple times.

A student from the school told THE STAR that when cell phone are confiscated they are usually returned after 100 days.

When THE STAR contacted the school, we were told that the principal was in a meeting, and efforts to contact other officials of the institution proved to be unsuccessful.

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