TREVOR WILLIAMS – Dedicated lawman and father laid to rest

There was not enough space in the Naggo Head Church of God of Prophecy last Saturday, as many turned out to show their appreciation and pay their last respects to Detective Sergeant Trevor Williams.

Williams was gunned down on December 1 last year.

He served in many divisions within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), but he spent most of his time in the Criminal Investigative Branch. He retired in 2016.

Throughout the service, persons reminisced on the type of person he was and the love he showed to many.

His sister-in-law Annakay Berry remembered him as a fighter and a man who loved justice.

“I never thought it could be you. I never wanted it to be you. I pray that you had a moment with God just before your final breath, a moment to say ‘Lord Jesus, help me’,” she said.

Daughter Mischa Williams, while fighting back the tears, reminisced on how her father raised her and how much love he had for both his children.

“Growing up, I had always admired my father. He was a disciplinarian, and if you believe that you could give my father a story and that was it, you better think again. This is one of the greatest qualities he taught me. Whether it was work, raising me, or any other task he took, he always put in 100 per cent,” she said.

She told of her father’s love for learning new things and finding out other people’s opinions.

“He had a thirst for knowledge and he liked to argue. You may not change his opinion, but he would like to hear yours,” she said.

She said that birthdays and Fathers’ Day were very special, as because she lived overseas, she made it her duty to call him on the special days.

“We never missed calls to each other … but December 2017, my father’s birthday (December 25) was a void. It was empty. Death changes everything. I miss you, daddy. I miss your voice, the wisdom…and most of all, your presence,” she said.

Her brother Andre said that he is still in shock about his passing.

“His absence is felt around the home, in my career, reasoning in current affairs and taking pleasure around his grandchildren,” he said.

He remembered his father as a hard-working man who was always pushing him and helped to be the man he is today.

He said that his father loved farming and took pleasure in doing it.

“If you know Willy, no one could deter him from what he loved,” he said.

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