Update – Was Alkaline’s life at risk why the Police pulled the plug on his Brixton show??

Update – Was Alkaline’s life at risk why the Police pulled the plug on his Brixton show??

The possibility of any more permits being granted to promoters to keep Dance Hall shows in the UK remains in limbo tonight after Police pulled the plug on a  heavily promoted event at the  Brixton Academy  which was to be headlined by popular Jamaican dance hall artiste Alkaline.

Reports reaching BOJTV are that patrons stormed the gates at least 6 times. The reasons for storming the gates ranged from unruly patrons not wanting to pay the entrance fee to patrons just being frustrated with the long lines.

Reports also are that all the online tickets which went for “Forty Pounds” each were completely sold out. We are also being told that more patrons than the 5000 capacity of the venue turned out for the event.

One patron who was at the event told BOJTV that he witnessed approximately 2000 patrons coming through the gates who were not properly searched security.  He further told us that better risk assessment could have been done by the promoter which would have led to adequate security being placed to manage the gates better. “From what I saw Alkaline had the mic in his hand and was walking out on the stage then suddenly the lights were turned on. I saw about 200 patrons on the stage of which only 6 seemed to be a part of Alkaline’s team.  I assume therefore that one of the reason for  the lock  down of  the show  could be that  Alakaline’s management team recognizing what was going on where so many persons entered the building without being frisked by security  was fearful for his life  and notified the authorities.  Another reason could have been that the Police was just frustrated with the behavior of the unruly patrons as for some time now promoters in the UK have been having problems with the Police granting them permits to keep dance hall events.” He reported.

It is still unclear if patrons who paid will be refunded or if the show will be held over. No official statement has been released by either the Police, the promoter or Alkaline’s management as yet.

One eyewitness concluded that the entire saga is a big blow for Dance Hall in the United Kingdom

Watch footage below :

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