Vox Pop: Is the community of Wakefield living up to its fullest potential?

Wakefield, which is in North Trelawny, is the home of various art forms such as Tambu, Gerre and Mento Band. The WESTERN STAR asked residents whether they think the community is living up to its fullest potential. Here are the responses:

Carl Headley, carpenter:

“No, because the majority of the young people don’t want to get up and learn a trade. In fact, they are not eager to learn anything. The community is a nice place to live, but the youths are not involved in anything.”

Kishnard Duhaney, intern:

“I would have to say it’s 50/50. In some sense, Wakefield is doing alright, and personally I see people trying to put out their best efforts here, when compared to other places.”

Lloyd Hamilton, craftsman:

“I don’t think so, because the place is underdeveloped when it comes to buildings, roads and water. Also, farming is on the decline because people are not doing what they used to.”

Ryan Headley, fireman:

“The biggest deterrent to Wakefield right now is the road. Most tour operators won’t come here because of how bad the road is.”


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