WAGS Miami Stars Ashley Nicole Roberts and Darnell Nicole Uncover Claudia Sampedro's Nude Photos: ''She Was a Gymnast!''

Claudia Sampedro‘s secrets are coming to light.

Ashley Nicole Roberts is spilling a naked bombshell from the model’s past in this clip from Sunday’s all-new episode of WAGS Miami. The conversation begins innocently enough with Darnell Nicole chatting about Claudia’s recent swimsuit shoot.

“I went to her photo shoot out on the beach,” Darnell says. “She’s trying to get back into doing sexy photo shoots, and she’s worried that Julius [Peppers] was going to feel some kind of way because too much cleavage, too much butt.”

Ashley is skeptical and promptly whips out her phone. “Girl, you won’t believe what Vanessa [Cole] showed me,” she replies. “I’ma just show you.”

She then reveals a bunch of Claudia’s racy and nude photos on the web.

“She looks like she’s getting an exam,” Darnell responds in shock. “Now, she told me she did some sexy modeling before, but, honey, I ain’t know she was a gymnast! I know where them babies came from now though.”

Darnell wonders if Claudia is even aware these pictures exist online. “I’m really confused,” she says.

“How do you not know when you’re whole kitty cat is on the internet?” Ashley retorts. “She has this whole air about herself like she would never, like clutching my pearls.”

Ashley then attempts to imitate Claudia’s flexible poses, but Darnell quickly shuts her down. “That ain’t it, dummy!” she scolds. “See? You’re talking about it, but that girl is talented!”

Watch a brand-new episode of WAGS Miami Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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