Watch What Happens When Channing Tatum Completely Surprises Fans in an Office Elevator

What floor you ask? How about the Magic Mike floor.

The holidays came early for a few unsuspecting fans when they thought they were just taking an ordinary elevator ride at the office. But as they quickly realized, they were headed to Las Vegas with a familiar face in Hollywood.

With help from Omaze, Channing Tatum disguised himself as the one and only Elvis Presley while hidden cameras rolled throughout the day.

As he began chatting it up with unknown employees, he persuaded them to head up to the top floor for a small, casual party.

Little did they know that Channing was going to surprise them with a little Magic Mike Live preview.

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When the elevator doors opened, guests were taken into a mock casino that included games, food, drinks and even a few handsome dancers.

And yes, Elvis ultimately revealed himself to be the one, the only, Mr. Channing Tatum.

Some workers burst out laughing while others couldn’t help but compliment his latest movie. One female even ran straight to the dancers for a group photo. Ultimately, each and every brave soul was given an elevator ride they would never forget.

For those who missed out on the surprise, there is still hope. Fans can enter online to win a trip to join Channing at Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas. Along the way, you can support (RED)’s fight for an AIDS free generation.

“We’ll hit the town. We’ll check out my boys here on opening night of Magic Mike Live. We’ll do some shots, maybe some champagne, get a little weird, maybe get a lap dance or two,” Channing explained. “We’ll see what happens.”

And as if you needed another reason to enter, E! News has all the details on the Magic Mike Live show opening in March. Earlier this year, we learned the production “will recreate the mythic Club Domina with a sizzling 360-degree dance and acrobatic strip tease spectacular, guaranteed to bring on the heat.”

So, who’s ready to get away?

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