Water woes leave community parched… MP Warmington says its not his duty to communicate with residents on matter

n MP Warmington says its not his duty to communicate with residents on matter

Residents in the rural St Catherine community of Davis Road near Old Harbour are pleading to the relevant authorities to address their water woes as their laundry has begun to mount in their washrooms.

One resident, Cheryl Lewin, complained about carrying a five-gallon bottle on her head from neighbouring communities over the treacherous hill that leads to the community.

“Yuh know the five-gallon bottle dem? A dem deh mi use and carry water fi drink, and a weeks now mi nuh wash, and nuh mi alone ’cause a lot of people live up in a the district,” Lewin said.

Another resident, Evan Richards, told THE STAR that it is very difficult to function without runnining water as she has her sick mother to attend to.

“Mi have mi mother sick and bedridden. Mi have so much sumpn with dirty clothes and cyah wash. We need somebody to come and represent us,” Richards said. “We did decide we mind say if we nuh get nuh water we naah vote.”

According to Evans, her 11-year-old daughter and other students attending Davis Primary School were kept home last Friday, and she is not sure when they will return.

“Thursday mi get one note from her [daughter] saying that there will be no school on Friday. And right now mi nuh know when dem a go back ’cause all now nuh water nuh come,” Evans said.

When THE STAR contacted member of parliament of the area, Everald Warmington, he said that the water pump that supplies the community is down and National Water Commission (NWC) is replacing it.

The MP said that he believes the NWC is trucking water to the area. However, residents have refuted this claim. He was asked if there has been any dialogue between him and members of the community about the situation, and he questioned if that was his duty.

“So am I the one who suppose to communicate with them?” Warmington asked.

“Look, man, all I know is Water Commission is replacing the pump,” Warmington responded angrily before putting down the phone.


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