What is preventing prosperity from reaching the people of Axe-and-Adze?

May 21, 2019

Ann-Marie Hamilton – I would says the road is a major issue. Definitely this problem is preventing us the people living here from attaining prosperity because we are been required to spend more on transportation which comes as a hindrance to our ability to adequately save for future goals.

Iesha Wallace – That for me would be the road network, it is very bad, along with the non-existence of potable water in the community. Our ability to achieve prosperity is being stifled by the absence of water; if it doesn’t rain, we don’t get water here.

Soneika Whaupe – Work for me is the greatest challenge. We have to travel outside of the community to Montego Bay or Westmoreland to get a job but you can’t keep it because the cost of transportation takes back a major part of your earnings.

Winsome Chisholm – It would have to be the road first then water. The road is so bad that D & G trucks stop coming inside here and we don’t have potable water – it’s rain water we have been forced to rely on. If this is not corrected it is will be hard to achieve the prosperity that we hope for.



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